Lap Band Fills

Lap Band Fill (Adjustment)

Lap Band Fills

Lap Band

A Lap Band fill is done by inserting a needle into the lap band port located under the skin of the abdominal wall and injecting or removing the saline. When filling the band, saline travels from the port through the tube and into the band, making the band fit tighter around your stomach.

Lap Band fills are done at our office by generally by one of our experienced Physician Assistants.

Sometimes Dr. Wizman will want to perform a radiologically guided lap band fill. Not everybody will require this type of adjustment.

How Often are Lap Band Fills Needed?

Generally lap band patients will be needing an adjustment every 3 – 4 weeks during the first post op year and every three months for the next two years. However, lap band adjustments vary and depends on each patient’s ability to reach the green zone.

The most important thing for patients to remember is to be honest with yourself and with your health provider adjusting the band. The green zone can only be achieved if the patients answers the questions honestly.

Lap Band Fills and Zones

Lap Band Zones

Lap Band Yellow Zone

  • Hungry between meals
  • Eating large portions
  • Not loosing weight

Lap Band Green Zone

  • Not hungry
  • Good weight loss
  • Portion control
  • Patient satisfaction

Lap Band Red Zone

  • Poor food choices
  • Regurgitations
  • Discomfort while eating
  • Poor weight loss
  • Night cough

Preparing for the Lap Band Fill

  • Your insurance company might require an authorization for the lap band fill. If so, you will need to get one from your primary care physician
  • It is important to follow our specific instructions
  • Don’t eat any soft or solid foods for at least 4 hours before the adjustment
  • Wear clothing that will allow the health care professional to easily access your abdomen

If you vomit within 48 hours after a fill, or if food gets stuck in your stomach, you need to contact us right away; these symptoms may indicate that your band is too tight.
If so, please call us at (954)-969-1355.