Information Sessions

Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions

Dr. Paul Wizman, Bariatric Center of Excellence surgeon offers two Information Sessions on Bariatric Surgery every month. They are usually conducted on Tuesdays. They are truly beneficial to the person who is considering a bariatric procedure. These sessions are a great introduction to learn all about different types of weight loss surgery as well as learn about the process in our practice. Please check out our event Event Calendar that lists our events.

All our Sessions on Bariatric Surgery are always conducted via Zoom.

Upon attending the session on weight loss surgery you will receive information about:

  • Dr. Paul Wizman and his surgical experience
  • Our surgical practice
  • Facilities that procedures are performed at
  • Types of surgical weight loss procedures
  • Patient eligibility requirements
  • Surgical risks and possible complications
  • Hospital length of stay
  • Recovery time
  • Vitamins and medicines required after surgery
  • Change of life style habits regarding eating and physical activity
  • Health insurance requirements
  • Self pay options
  • Any other questions that you may have


All Information Sessions are presented by Dr. Paul Wizman. Therefore, each patient gets a chance to meet him and ask questions even before the private consultation.

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