After Care Program

The post-operative phase is as important as the actual surgical procedure. Our patients are encouraged to continue attending support groups long after their bariatric surgery.

Support group meeting attendance is highly encouraged, especially during the very crucial first year post-op when a person is changing their life styles and establishing new and healthy routines. Support groups are a great way to learn new information, make new friends, share and exchange challenges and successes with your bariatric staff and with other patients.

Bariatrix Florida has two types of monthly support groups.

Monthly Support Group

Our general monthly support group is every fourth Thursday of the month 6:00pm – 8:00pm with the exception of November and December. Support groups are always listed on our Event Calendar and we always encourage our patients to check it. This support groups is for all patients (band, sleeve, bypass).

Support group meetings are facilitated either by Dr. Wizman or one of our nurse coordinators. Special events and speakers are scheduled occasionally to address:

  • emotional eating issues
  • plastic surgery options
  • exercise and fitness tips
  • healthy cooking and more

Nutrition Nights with Lillian

This nutritional support group is every third Thursday of the month with some exceptions. This group is lead by Lillian Craggs-Dino DHA, RDN, LDN, CLT who is an accomplished and highly experienced bariatric nutritionist. This monthly program offers a variety of nutritional topics specific to the bariatric patient and provides an opportunity for questions and answers. Some of the previous topics included: “Vitamins and Minerals: Why Are They Still Important to Take?”, “Carbs and Fats: How to Add them Healthfully to Your Diet”, “Sugar and Sugar Substitutes: Should We Use Them?”.


When patients make the one hour monthly commitment to attend support group meetings, they are making an important and positive commitment to themselves and their long term weight loss success.

Bariatric studies have demonstrated that patients with the highest long term weight loss success and satisfaction remain under the care of a bariatric office for follow-up, support and ongoing education for five years after surgery.

The surgical weight loss journey offers an exciting and empowering “new way” of being that requires a dedicated and motivating surgeon and staff to help you meet your goals. We are proud of the diverse and consistent support and learning opportunities that we offer to our patients.

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